Not Safe For Work (18+ Works)

Since you have clicked on the link to this particular page, here are some works that I have done that depict things in a more mature tone that deal with heavy subject matter and/or content that I felt warrants it’s own page.

Since you, the viewer have decided to brave into this territory and I’m assuming that you are mature enough to be able to appreciate these, in a brief artist statement concerning I would like to offer this insight.

Having grown up in an age where violence and sexual content has kind of been a norm for some time, parts of me have always questioned why these things are depicted in such manners until I realized that it is a part of the human condition that these things exist and in some aspects, knowing that there are shades of gray in the world are worth discussing if done so with intellect.

Many artists across history have done this as well, whether its from mainstream media, arthouse, or fine art, it’s almost always covered.

So as a human being, I believe that art as a medium should be able to depict otherwise heavy realities and in no instance do I believe that censorship of such content is going to resolve the problems of humanity. Period. to do so would be a double standard not only as an artist, but the person as well who views it.

So here are some works that I have made that I am willing to show in my portfolio, fan art or otherwise.