Welcome to my website where I host a good majority of my work.

So who am I you might ask? Lets put this into third person to better explain this:

Andrew Orluk is an Artist whose interest in art and as a career stems from his love of cartoons, comics, video games, and other forms of varying media. After a long academic career between 2012 and 2019 he graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Digital Arts with a minor in Creative Writing. He has some experience with Video Editing and hand-drawn animation as a result and aspires to break into the animation industry as a storyboard artist.

In retrospect, Andrew’s philosophy is that images and words will always be able to influence how a person can think unconsciously. There is a certain science and psychology to that effect. Given that art is entirely subjective it should go without saying that depending on the people who react to it, can start a conversation and perhaps influence others to some degree on their thoughts.

With that being said, whether the art is in the form of writing, illustrating, animating, game developing, whatever you want to put your mind to, should be unrestrained. Art should be able to express what it needs to convey at any given moment and should not hesitate to tackle subject matter. Regardless of whether or not it deals with mature subject matter as long as the message is there and expressed sincerely. Art just is and that’s all it should be.

Taking a bold approach and often going into shades of gray in terms of subject matter, Andrew’s start in his interest in art and as a career stems from his love of cartoons, comics, video games. Overtime, his taste in the arts had expanded to both the finer things and the little things in life. He enjoys tackling a variety of subjects not just in his original work, but even his fan-art of, but not limited to shows, movies, celebs, books, music, and even other topics in media.

Anyhow, that is my Spheal on what I am about. You’ll likely see me post the pixel art and digital illustration work that I make over time, but if you happen to chance on this site or one of my social media sites. Take a gander! Absorb some of the content that you see and if you like what I do, feel free to reach out to me if you have a project or a commission in mind and we can work something out.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, as I appreciate it on my end and very much hope that you enjoy the content on my site as well!

All the best,

Andrew A. Orluk (DioShiba)