Andrew Orluk is an Artist who graduated Pratt Institute with a major in Digital Arts concentrating in 2D Animation, and obtained a minor in Creative Writing. He has some experience with Video Editing and hand-drawn animation as a result and aspires to break into the animation industry as a storyboard artist.

In retrospect, what Andrew believes in is relatively simple, his work centers on how images and words can influence how a person thinks on an unconscious level. One of the core aspects of what he believes comes to an awareness to how people interact with others as they respond to words or images, any ideal could be portrayed and how others choose to react is entirely subjective. As such, art is no different from life in aspect that it just happens to be.

Andrew’s start in his interest in art and as a career stems from his love of cartoons, comics, video games, and other forms of varying media. Having started art from hobby in high school to a serious academic study of art that lasted from 2012 to 2019 from a long running college career. He enjoys tackling subjects of varying degrees not just in his original work, but even his fan-art of some of the shows that he likes.