An update, some new content, and Canadian Donuts.

Heya, so recently back in September I’ve been over to the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival last week. Considering it was my first time going there was a lot to look at, quite a lot of films to see from other students and professionals in the industry, even some video artists who work as well. But most importantly, I got the chance to have Tim Horton’s up in Canada and enjoy the lovely sights, but that’s another story.

Besides all of that I think it’s time to get to the matter of business. The first thing you may have noticed that I also have organized my content based on the type of work it is, so you’ll notice some new sections made specifically in the art section for most of my still work. There is also a new storyboard section as well so please by all means check out that content.

On that note, much of the figure drawing studies are now in their own section with a warning to anyone who views the site that it’s intended for older and mature audiences due to nudity.

With all said and done I think the best thing to end this little snippet off with is a character sheet for Polyphemus, the cyclops from the story of Odysseus. I posted some sketches of the development of this design earlier in the past month as well.

polyphemus concept


Andrew O.

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